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LTI Turf Sales is a premier turfgrass supplier in Dallas-Fort Worth. Offering an expansive product selection and unparalleled customer service, LTI has been meeting the needs of golf courses, sports complexes, commercial developments, and homeowners for over 40 years. With multiple locations in Lewisville, TX, LTI can provide its customers with the highest quality turfgrass products and services available.

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Lawn turf sales are on the rise in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and LTI Turf Sales is leading the charge. Established in 1980, LTI has become one of the most trusted names in the business, thanks to our quality products and customer service. With more than fifteen years of experience, we know what it takes to provide a lawn that will make your neighbors jealous. Turfgrass is a type of grass that is grown for ornamental or recreational areas, such as lawns and sports fields. In the United States, Texas is a major producer of turfgrass. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is a major market for turfgrass sales, with the demand coming from homeowners, schools, businesses, and government entities. LTI Turf Sales is one of the leading providers of turfgrass in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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Palisade Zoysia
Emerald Zoysia
St. Augustine

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At LTI, we take pride in offering high-quality products and providing impeccable customer service. Learn more about LTI today!

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LTI Turf Sales in Dallas-Fort Worth provides the greatest value in the area with their high quality, affordable turf.

Palisade Zoysia

Palisades Zoysia is one of the most popular coarse textured Zoysia grasses in the United States. In addition to its medium-coarse texture, it tolerates heat and withstands cold relatively well.

Emerald Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia is ideal for show-piece lawns, where outstanding appearance and first impressions matter. This grass is a perfect solution for all sod and turfgrass needs in highly visible areas in warm climates.


Bermuda grass is a warm season perennial species adapted to tropical and subtropical climates. Hulled Common Bermuda seed makes an excellent low maintenance, drought resistant lawn grass or pasture grass.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass, also known as buffalo turf in Australia and buffalo grass in South Africa, is a warm-season lawn grass that is popular for cultivation in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a medium- to high-maintenance grass that forms a thick, carpetlike sod, crowding out most weeds and other grasses.

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LTI Grass Sales

At LTI, we take pride in offering high-quality products and providing impeccable customer service.


We have the most experience with over 40 years in the business and we are always looking for new opportunities. Please call or email us to find out how we can help.


LTI Grass sales provide de highest quality of turf in the DFW area. You can order from us and get what you want, for a price that is much cheaper than buying local grasses online or over the phone.


We provide the best customer service in Dallas-Fort Worth, with expert advice and top notch pricing. (More than 40 years of experience) We strive to be a one stop shop for all your grass needs!

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Looking to give your lawn a little boost this season? Look no further than LTI Turf Sales! We offer quality grass at competitive prices, and we will be happy to help you decide which varieties of grass will work best for your lawn type and growing conditions. Just contact us today to learn more about the various types of grass seed we carry, as well as our full service lawn care program that keeps your lawn looking great all year long!